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Karan Priti Chelani


Hello, I’m Karan Chelani, a young entrepreneur who loves coming up with new ideas and is determined to succeed. I began my business journey when I was just 15, and since then, I’ve had an exciting professional experience.

One of my earliest ventures was Ride Rumble, an automotive apparel brand that captured the hearts of many enthusiasts. It was an exciting time, and the popularity it gained only fueled my determination to keep pushing the boundaries of what’s possible.

I didn’t stop there. My entrepreneurial spirit led me to establish other ventures like Shiv Hosting, Smart Marketer, and Exchange Raja, each adding a unique layer to my diverse portfolio of achievements.

In 2017, I founded Glow Ventures, a marketing and PR agency that has become a shining star in the industry. Over the years, we’ve had the privilege of working with renowned brands and celebrities, and it’s been a journey filled with exciting challenges and triumphs.

With a passion for capturing life’s most precious moments, I lead our innovative team in delivering seamless and visually stunning photography experiences, from Patna to Gujarat through Frames Collector Weddings.

Looking ahead, I’m excited to explore new horizons in the events and content production industry. With my visionary mindset and the ability to adapt to changing trends, I’m confident that I can make a meaningful impact in this space. It’s about constantly striving for excellence and never shying away from the next big adventure.


November 2017 - Present

Founder - Glow Ventures


In November 2017, I founded Glow Ventures, a dynamic venture dedicated to exploring innovative opportunities in the world of business and marketing. As the founder, I’ve been at the helm, driving the growth and success of the company since its inception.

January 2024 - Present

Founder - Frames Collector Weddings Gujarat


Frames Collector Weddings, based in Patna and now expanding across Gujarat, specializes in pre-wedding, wedding, engagements, and maternity shoots.



SSC - Convent of Jesus and Mary, Palanpur

In 2018, I successfully completed my Secondary School Certificate (SSC) from the prestigious Convent of Jesus and Mary in Palanpur. This was a foundational step in my educational journey, where I developed a strong academic foundation and a passion for learning.

2018 - 2021

Diploma in Computer Engineering - KD Polytechnic, Patan

From 2018 to 2021, I pursued a Diploma in Computer Engineering at KD Polytechnic in Patan. This three-year program provided me with a comprehensive understanding of computer systems, software development, and technology fundamentals.



Business & Management


Public Relations


Internet Marketing


Graphics & VFX 



Influential Marketing & PR Agency

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